Business Plans - Your business plan is a blueprint for your organization, not just a document used to acquire financing. It allows one to gain a perspective of where they want their business to go before they invest a large amount of time and money.

Our plans are not pre-made; instead they are created to showcase your firm’s individual style and requirements. From the very start the team at Global Business Planning will work with you to create the ideal business plan for you. Most business plans will take an average of 2 - 3 weeks to complete. All business plans written by Global Business Planning are complete investor ready and SBA compliant. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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Pitch Decks - Along with the business plan a pitch deck is another way in which one can demonstrate the viability of one's product or idea to a potential investor. Global Business Planning understands that a pitch deck is more than a Power Point presentation consisting of bullet points. We create pitch decks that tell potential investors how your company will get from point A to point B, and what can be expected along the journey. We try to limit the decks to 15 to 25 slides, and also provide assistance on the narratives associated with the pitch deck.

Proposals - Global Business Planning understands the importance of a well-written proposal, and we carefully craft each proposal so that your potential clients clearly understand that your product or service is superior to any other proposal. In most cases we prepare two types of proposals, those involving requests for proposals (RFP), and those involving the introduction of a product or service. Your proposal will clearly address the needs of the client, and it will follow all of the guidelines set forth by the client. The second type of proposal differs from the first in that it is designed to introduce your product or service to an individual or organization designated by you.

Marketing Plans - The way a business markets its products or services could be one of the most important decisions made by its owners or managers. Global Business Planning understands this, and that is why we look at several key components of your business when developing your company's marketing plan. Global Business Planning will help you to identify your customer base and how to bring your product or service to them.

PowerPoint Presentations - Let Global Business Planning create a PowerPoint presentation for you that will stand out and get you noticed. We will create a presentation that will capture the attention of your audience, and most importantly we will make sure that your audience responds favorably to you and your presentation.

Feasibility Studies - Not sure if a project is in the best interest of your company? Let Global Business Planning perform a feasibility study to determine if it is worth it for you to involve your time and money.

Foreign Investment and Related Visa Programs - The United States offers a number of incentives to foreign based businesses should they choose to open a business in the United States. The most popular and sought out programs are those providing entry visas into the United States. We can provide L-1 Business Plans, E-2 Business Plans, and EB-5 Investment Business Plans.

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Exit Strategies - Establishing an exit strategy does not mean that one does not have faith in their product or service. Instead it will help you to identify different options that are available to you should your company face unforeseen challenges in the future.

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