Although we welcome your questions at any time we realize that sometimes you just want a quick general answer. We have listed several of the more common questions and their corresponding answers below.

What is the price of a business plan?

Business plans are priced from $350 to $1,200. Detailed information on each price point can be found on the business plan page. 

How long will it take to write the business plan?

Business Plans typically take 10 to 14 days to complete. For an additional fee of $200 an expedited turnaround is possible

Can I hire Global Business Planning if I am located in another city or state?

We have worked with clients throughout the US. As well as France, Canada, UK, China, UAE Australia, Kuwait, Thailand, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Austria, Singapore, Africa, Hong Kong, South Korea, and more.

I am a little nervous about paying over the Internet, is it safe?

It is completely understandable to be nervous, however all payments are protected by your credit card company, your bank and also PayPal. .

Will you sign an NDA?

We have no problem with signing Non-Disclosure Agreements

What industries have you prepared business plans?

We have prepared business plans for a wide-variety of industries including real estate​, fashion, apparel, e-commerce, automotive, retail, technology, mobile apps, construction, non-profits, energy, chemicals, gas & oil, health care, food and beverage, consulting, and more

I require a business plan for a product I am developing, can you help?

In addition to writing plans for businesses we have also written a number of plans for the development of new products or improvements on existing ones

Once we retain Global Business Planning what happens next?

Please visit our "process" page for a complete step-by-step outline of the business planning process. We also welcome any other questions; just contact us and drop us a note.


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