For our new client's we welcome you and look forward to providing you with service that goes beyond your expectations. We have listed below the different payment options for our various business plans. New client's simply need to click on the deposit option for the type plan they are interested in receiving. Once payment is made you will receive a receipt for your payment, and you will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours. Existing customers will select the appropriate final payment option.


Payments to us are made via PayPal (You DO NOT need a PayPal account) which means the payment you make is not only protected by your own debit or credit card issuer, but also by PayPal;so there is no risk to you


Our price includes a full business plan; including financials, as well as research and revisions. You will receive your business plan in both MS Word and PDF formats. Time to complete depends on the type of plan, but generally average 2 weeks.

Simply click on the appropriate payment link below.

L-1 or E-2 Business Plan Deposit - $225

Mini Business Plan Final Payment - $200

SBA Business Plan Deposit - $200

SBA Business Plan Final Payment - $325

EB-5 Business Plan Deposit - $400

Strategic Business Plan Final Payment - $700

Standard Business Plan Deposit - $175

Standard Business Plan Final Payment - $300

Franchise Business Plan Deposit - $250

Franchise Business Plan Final Payment - $375

Strategic Business Plan Deposit - $500

Miscellaneous Payment


Premium Business Plan Deposit - $350

Premium Business Plan Final Payment - $450

Mini Business Plan Deposit - $150

L-1 or E-2 Business Plan Final Payment - $425

EB-5 Business Plan Final Payment - $550

Miscellaneous Payment



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